The Oasis Center team strives to support their clients and their loved ones with excellent customer service and compassion for those who walk into our building. We feel that recovery happens best through sincere connections that promote healing by allowing a safe place for transformation to take place.

Robyn Travis


My goal in life has always been to help those who are suffering heal from their pain and find hope. My journey began when I worked as an Emergency Medical Technician on an advanced life support ambulance in 1995 and served my community as an EMT for six years. While answering 911 calls, I discovered people needed patience, kindness, and understanding during their crisis and witnessed people suffering with mental illness not get the help they deserved. I changed my career to helping those struggling with mental health issues and obtained my Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from California Baptist University.

Along with my medical experience, I began specializing in eating disorders in 2001. I have worked at all levels of care including inpatient, residential, day treatment, and intensive outpatient to better understand what people go through at different levels of treatment. My passion for helping those heal from eating disorders has continued for over 17 years and my motivation comes from seeing those find freedom from their pain and enjoy life again free from their eating disorder. It takes an active listener and being present with your clients to really be able to understand their story and know how to help them.

I am now passing on my expertise by training and supervising interns, along with sending them to specialized training, in order for them to know what our clients need to help them recover. When I am not working I am enjoying time with my family in Oregon and California either at the beach, kayaking, hiking with my two dogs, or doing crafts and decorating at home.

Lizette DuBay Courtney


I have a passion for helping clients establish a satisfying relationship with food and eating. I choose a client-centered approach, considering each client’s unique set of circumstances to develop a plan specific for meeting their nutrition goals. In our current complex food environment full of confusing and contradicting messages, I focus on evidence-based approaches to address specific issues around food and eating.

My practice focus is in the treatment of eating disorders and in the correction of disordered or maladaptive eating behaviors across the spectrum, working with children as young as 10, adolescents and adults. Beyond nutrition therapy and counseling, I seek to empower my clients and their support partners to improve confidence in themselves to know what, when and how much to eat. In working with me my clients not only receive education, instruction, skills building, and support but they also have an opportunity for practical experiences. I eat with my clients. I shop with my clients. I meet my clients at restaurants for food challenges. I offer coached family meals.

I have practiced as a registered dietitian for 8 years and have specialized in the treatment of eating disorders for 7 of those years, having received specific training, education, and supervision to increase my effectiveness in serving this population. I access a variety of tools and techniques to address the needs of the individual including Intuitive Eating Principles, principles of family-based treatment, principles of Satter Eating/Feeding Competence, principles of Motivational Interviewing. I am a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor® and I am a candidate for certification in the treatment of eating disorders for registered dietitians (CEDRD) through the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals.

Christine Morgan, M.A.


I am working toward completing my hours for Licensure. I have a background in social work, training, and higher education, plus 10 years experience as a certified life coach. I’ve helped clients with a broad range of challenges including depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, relationship and social difficulties, abuse recovery, and eating disorders. I have a relational interpersonal process approach to therapy, focused on building awareness and connections as keys to recovery and change. I know the effort it takes to cope with anxiety, to believe in yourself, and to let go of what other people think or expect. I help clients build new skills and thinking patterns to cope with challenges and stress in order to create a life they love living.

Susan Davis, M.A.


I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Western Oregon University and a CACREP accredited Masters of Counseling degree that I received from Western Seminary in 2017. In addition to 10 years of formal education, I also have two years of clinical experience as a mental health intern counselor and over 15 years’ experience using horses to work with individuals, couples, groups, and families on a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma/PTSD, developmental disabilities (including intellectual and learning disabilities and autism), parenting related stressors/issues, grief/loss, and recovery from concussion/TBI. I am now working on completing my hours toward licensure.

As a counselor, I seek to help people find their strengths and capitalize on those strengths as they work towards building healing, growth, and change. I view people through a holistic lens. I believe helping people better integrate their physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and relational parts helps them create more peace and joy in their lives and relationships. As a therapist, I use a trauma-informed, applied neuroscience approach, including Cognitive-Behavioral and Solution-Focused Therapies. In other words, I help clients learn to train their brain to help them reach their goals because changing your brain changes your life. When working with clients, I often seek to use experiential therapies, including Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy, because I believe that experiences (and horses) go beyond words to reach, connect, give voice to, and grow the deepest parts of us.

For those interested in learning more about equine assisted psychotherapy, please check out or call me for more information at 503-949-1294.

Maia Penchansky


I am a Registered Dietitian practicing in the Salem area. I am passionate about client-centered care and working with clients to improve their relationship with food and body. I have experience working with people with eating disorders at every level of care. I am a new dietitian and I am eager to learn from my clients and expand my expertise in the field. I practice from a Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating framework and believe that every body’s story matters. I believe that eating disorders are a social justice issue and that recovery is possible for everyone. As your dietitian, I will meet you where you are in your journey while challenging your fears around food. I wear another hat as a clinical inpatient dietitian working to nourish and heal critically and chronically ill patients. This experience contributes to my overall understanding of the human response to illness, emotionally and physically.

In my personal life, I live in Salem with my husband and three cats. I love movies, comedy, and food and can talk true crime with anyone. I have a degree in Nutrition/Dietetics from Oregon State University and completed a year of supervised practice with OSU as well. I am licensed to practice in the state of Oregon.

Rebecca Albon


I started with The Oasis Center in September 2017 after leaving a 16-year career in the investment industry. In 2013, I moved with my husband and daughter to Oregon from Southern California, where I was raised and started my family. Soon after arriving I met Robyn and her passion for the community has been contagious. My role is primarily administrative, but I see this opportunity to use my skills to serve this wonderful community as a blessing and a new adventure.
 In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, my church, and my two Boston terriers.