The Oasis Center provides a number of services to meet our community’s needs for adults, adolescents, and children. Regardless of the type of disordered eating you are struggling with, our staff will help you on your journey of healing and provide helpful resources if you are needing a higher level of care. We treat Binge Eating Disorder, Anorexia, Bulimia, OSFED, ARFID, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, PTSD, and other co-occurring disorders.


We have dietitians that can see you weekly or as needed and can help you with your meal planning, cooking, shopping, meal support, and education on how to address the medical issues you are having that coexist with eating disorders. Their approach is to meet you where you are at and offer gentle and directive guidance for you to be successful in recovery.


We have counselors that can see you more than once a week based on necessity and can help you and your family become more educated on all aspects of the type of eating disorder you are suffering with. Our counselors want to get to know you and your eating disorder so they can assist you in parting with its existence and helping you replace it with a healthier self. They can provide you with family therapy to help your support system better understand what you are going through and how to support you through it.

Counselor Interns

We also have counselor interns who have completed their masters degree and are working on their licensure hours. They meet with their supervisors 1-3x a month or as needed to provide clinical consultation on how to better help you along with attending our trainings and community agency trainings in eating disorders. They have on-site supervision with Robyn Travis, clinical director and their desire is to learn as much as they can to help you with your journey while working on obtaining their license. Their passion is to work with people struggling with eating disorders and to meet the growing need in our community for professionals that have experience in this area. To meet with our counselor interns you must have OHP attached to WVCH or you can self-pay at a lower cost.

Group Therapy and Other Services

May 7th we will re-open our group therapy sessions on Tuesday evenings and will run all summer to provide added support for those in need. These groups are open to Oasis Center clients and for our community as well. You must have an outpatient therapist established to join group therapy with us. Call our office to sign up and have your therapist send over a referral for groups. Call our office for Group therapy days and hours offered. Although we specialize in Eating Disorder Care, we know that there are other underlying issues that need addressing on this journey. Our team also specializes in PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, D&A Recovery, and others. We will help the whole person heal regardless of what they are struggling with, as our counselors are equipped to address all mental health issues.

Counseling Techniques

We want to help your healthy voice get stronger and your eating-disorder-self have less power over you. We do this through a variety of evidence-based counseling practices with a strong emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral therapies which are still proven to be the most effective with this population. Along with trauma-informed, family-based treatment, humanistic, ACT, and EFT, our providers use a collection of therapies that best meet your needs.


Our office staff will ensure confidentiality, kindness, and patience as they help you get the services you are needing as quickly as possible. Our agency complies with HIPPA and will do our very best to protect your privacy. Please know there may be times you run into people you may know and we ask you use discretion on bringing attention to them for their own wellness. Please know that if you call our agency our staff is trained to first see if their is a release of information (ROI) on file before speaking to a parent, spouse or other agencies. If you have any special needs to ensure more privacy let the office staff know and we can assist you with this.

The Oasis Center strives to provide you with what you need on your journey to recovery.